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P.E.I. Jeunes Millionnaires 2019 program attracts record number and sales

['Young Millionaires program celebrating 24 years of entrepreneurship.']
Young Millionaires program. - File photo

Last year the participants in the Jeunes millionaires, the French version of the Young Millionaires Program, achieved record sales of $15,000 and record profits of $8,000.

And that was with just 17 participants, said Stéphane Blanchard, RDÉE P.E.I.'s youth development officer who oversees the program. 

This year the program has attracted 28 francophone young millionaires who have launched 18 small summer businesses providing such products as jewelry, greeting cards, bath products, toys, candles, souvenirs, treats, vegetables, stress balls, ornaments and reusable bags.

“We’re hoping that this year’s crew will maintain that amazing momentum,” Blanchard said. 

Participants to the program come from the West Prince, Evangeline, Rustico, Charlottetown and Souris regions. 

At the start of the summer, the youth had the opportunity to attend three workshops to learn the basics of entrepreneurship, including business plans, market studies, customer service, quality control, budgets and other related topics. They then had to present their business plans to program leaders during an individual interview.

They even came up with some catchy names for their businesses, such as Mermaid’s Sea Glass which sells greeting cards decorated with sea glass and “It’s Our Planet” which has reusable shopping bags. 

The program is managed provincially by Central Development Corporation.

“We are wishing great luck to all of our Young Millionaires and we are encouraging people from the public to do their part to encourage our budding entrepreneurs by purchasing their products,” Blanchard said. 

Jeunes millionaires businesses 


• Sofie Arsenault : Sunflower Scrunchy – Hair scrunchies 

• Neveah Dutcher and Brianne Gallant-Gordon : Stress Relief – Stress balls

• Callie Campbell : PC PEI Treasures – Glass bottles containing sand


• Abigail MacWilliams and Storm Adams : SA Stuff – Muscle relief products and bracelets

• Abby Hardy and Jolène Gallant : J&A Cool Crafts – Painted rocks, slime, pompoms, decorated seashells

• Payton Arsenault and Emma Baglole : Smarties – Bath bombs, seaglass pictures, perfume and lipscrub


• Anderson Gallant : Andy’s Homegrown Beets – Yellow beets


• Ariane Arsenault and Delphine Corney : C'est notre planète – Reusable bags

• Arielle Folkes : Le verre de mer de la sirène – Greeting cards decorated with sea glass

• Blanche Etkin-Blake and Emily Holmes : LIT! Candles – Candles

• Kayley and Chloe Willis : Bracelets fous – Bracelets

• Ellen and Erin Fraser : Simply Sno-Cones/Simply Squeez’d – Snow cones and lemonade

• Harmony Needham : Mrs. Freeze – Fruit-flavored frozen treats

• Jackleene Al-Kabalan andSophie Hews : Le Slime de Jacky et Sophie – Slime

• Josée Doyle : J + J Vegetables and Plants – Plants and vegetables

• Rémi Stevula : Little Island Treasures – Survival bracelets, fridge magnets and wooden keychains

• Victor Corney : Une Petite affaire d’eau – Water bottles featuring the Acadian flag


• Marc and Renée Chapman: Chapman’s Firewood – camp firewood.

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