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Photo : Ryan Ross February 11, 2015

Teresa Wright - Between the lines -- Teresa Wright

Major shakeup on the horizon - Robert Ghiz is in his final week as premier of Prince Edward Island, which means a major shakeup is about to occur in some of the most senior positions in the P.E.I. government. Ghiz presided over his final cabinet meeting Wednesday. He will be given a grand sendoff by the party during an event Friday evening in Charlottetown. But he may not be the only member of executive council or senior government staffer in the final days of his current post. When Ghiz's resignation takes effect after Wade MacLauchlan officially becomes leader of the Liberal party this weekend, Ghiz's cabinet will effectively be dissolved. Cabinet is appointed by the premier, so when a premier resigns, his cabinet also resigns. Deputy ministers are also appointed by the premier, and, contrary to what many may believe, answer to the premier, not their department ministers. A number of other appointed positions are also at the discretion of the premier of the day, including the chief of staff, clerk of executive council, policy advisers and some communications staff. That means when Ghiz finally leaves office this weekend, it will likely create a fairly sizable turnover in some of the most influential and senior positions within the P.E.I. government. To begin with, MacLauchlan will appoint his own cabinet. A number of current cabinet ministers have indicated they will not run in the next election, including Finance Minister Wes Sheridan, Deputy Premier and Agriculture Minister George Webster and Fisheries Minister Ron MacKinley. It will be interesting to see whether MacLauchlan reappoints…

Photo : Teresa  Wright February 19, 2015