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Photo : Ryan Ross May 14, 2014

Teresa Wright - Between the lines -- Teresa Wright

Tension brewing between Liberals and Tories - There appears to be some tension brewing between the governing Liberals and Opposition Tories.   You might think this is not really newsworthy, right? Some Opposition MLA is always calling for a government minister to be fired or to resign. In the legislature, MLAs on both sides of the house are always jabbing and heckling at one another.   But while Liberals and Progressive Conservatives in P.E.I. are not necessarily best friends, the behaviour you might see in the legislature is mainly bluster. This is a small province and MLAs of all party colours attend a lot of the same events - funerals, birthdays, pancake breakfasts, etc. Many even come from the same families. That’s why, although they may not agree ideologically or politically, Liberals and Tories are pretty cordial and even sometimes friendly to one another when the cameras are turned off.   That’s why I found a few recent exchanges between government and the Opposition a little surprising.   The final day of the (very rushed) fall session of the legislature was the first incident. On the last day of every session, everyone shakes hands and wishes one another well. It’s a symbolic gesture for the MLAs, showing no hard feelings for the work they are tasked to by the electorate based on their respective positions.   But last Thursday, when the session ended, I’m told Finance Minister Wes Sheridan refused to shake hands with Opposition Leader Steven Myers and his caucus colleague James Aylward. Aylward told me the two of them went…

Photo : Teresa  Wright December 03, 2014