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Photo : Ryan Ross May 14, 2014

Teresa Wright - Between the lines -- Teresa Wright

Top 10 most viewed Guardian stories of 2014 - The Guardian website has long been growing in popularity and this year was our biggest ever. As more readers turn to The Guardian’s news coverage online, our ability to track the stories you are most interested in gets better and better. Perhaps it may surprise you that, on any given day, the stories that most get your attention (or your clicks, anyway) are mainly those about crime and court. Weather stories are also wildly popular. Politics may be a blood sport for many Islanders, but it’s real sports stories that get your clicks over political ones. The Guardian’s web editor, Jocelyne Lloyd, recently did a search of our website statistics and compiled a list of the top 10 most “clicked-upon” stories of 2014. We found the list quite interesting, so we thought we’d share it with you, our online readers. Please remember this list only represents the most viewed stories, which does not necessarily equal the best or most important. But the stories that most made people “click” in 2014 might just reveal a little something about Island readers. For instance, the No. 1 most popular Guardian page visited in 2014 was page two of our coverage of the biggest drug bust in the history of the Charlottetown police force, known as Operation Clean Sweep. The first page, which includes full details of the $400,000 drug bust, got 10,000 fewer clicks than the second page. The second page is simply a list, showing the names of the 38 people arrested under Operation Clean Sweep. Ten-thousand…

Photo : Teresa  Wright December 30, 2014