Powerlifting meet was 'electrifying'

Many new faces competing highlight provincial championships, Atlantic Winter Classic

Published on January 27, 2014

The strain shows on Tom Nicholls’ face as he lifts 562 pounds on his first attempt Saturday during powerlifting provincials in Charlottetown. A little less than two years ago he was in a Halifax hospital fighting for his life after he crashed his stock car during a warmup for a race in Halifax.

©Guardian photo by Brian McInnis

The 2014 P.E.I. Provincial Powerlifting Equipped Championships and Atlantic Winter Classic were recently held at the Rodd Royalty Inn in Charlottetown.

Thirty-two lifters took part, including 15 athletes competing for the first time. The growth in female participation in the sport was evident with 10 females competing.

Seven athletes from the UPEI Powerlifting Club lifted in the meet, as well as six Special Olympics athletes. This was the last qualifier for the 2014 nationals to be held in St. Catharines, Ont., from March 31 to April 5.

“The meet was electrifying with many new faces and athletes lifting weights beyond their expectations,” said P.E.I. Powerlifting Association (PEIPLA) president Tom Nicholls.

“The Rodd Royalty venue was the perfect setting for national records and personal-best lifts to be set. The event was backed by several local sponsors and a group of fantastic volunteers that made it all possible.

“It all bodes very well for powerlifting on P.E.I. I am excited to see our team perform at the 2014 nationals and what the entire year has in store for the sport here on P.E.I.”

PEIPLA also held its annual general meeting during the weekend. The executive includes president Tom Nicholls, vice-president John MacDonald and secretary-treasurer Heather Ayles.

Three sub-committees were formed to help grow and advance the sport on P.E.I., including fundraising, team travel, competiton and promotion.

P.E.I.’s next contest is tentatively scheduled for June in Western P.E.I. PEIPLA is also submitting a bid at nationals to host the 2014 Eastern Canadians in late fall.

More information can be found at www.peipowerlifting.ca.


Results from the recent P.E.I. Provincial Powerlifting Equipped Championships and Atlantic Winter Classic:

Courtney Dill – 72kg subjunior, P.E.I. squat 125kg, bench 55kg, deadlift 137.5kg, total 317.5kg.

Natasha Dunn – 72kg master one, P.E.I., squat 100kg, bench 70kg, deadlift 135kg, total 305kg.

Jami-Ellen Dowling – 84+kg, open, P.E.I., squat 110kg, bench 55kg, deadlift 137.5kg, total 302.5kg.

Cara MacKenzie – 72kg subjunior, P.E.I., squat


95kg, bench 45kg, deadlift 142.5kg, total 282.5kg.

Ashley Sheen – 72kg open, P.E.I., squat 87.5kg, bench 50kg, deadlift 112.5kg, total 250kg.

Jennifer Moar – 72kg open, P.E.I., squat 80kg, bench 45kg, deadlift 117.5kg, total 242.5kg

Michelle MacDonald – 63kg junior, P.E.I., squat 75kg, bench 45kg, deadlift 120kg, total 240kg.

Jill MacFarlane – 52kg open, P.E.I., squat 75kg, bench 42.5kg, deadlift 100kg, total 217.5kg.

Marian Johnston – 57kg master two, P.E.I., squat 65kg, bench 35kg, deadlift 75kg, total 175kg.

Sarah Simmons – 63kg open, P.E.I., squat 62.5kg, bench 35kg, deadlift 105kg, total 202.5kg.

Parker Sauve – 63kg SO, P.E.I., squat 75kg, bench 50kg, deadlift 117.5kg, total 242.5kg.

Travis Perry – 105kg SO, P.E.I., squat 65kg, bench 67.5kg, deadlift 90kg, total 222.5kg.

Joseph Benoit – 83kg open, N.S., squat 192.5kg, bench 115kg, deadlift 217.5kg, total 525kg.

Ian MacNeil - 83kg junior, N.S., squat 165kg, bench 122.5kg, deadlift 235kg, total 522.5kg.

Daniel Dafonseca - 83kg junior, P.E.I., squat 182.5kg, bench 120kg, deadlift 220kg, total 522.5kg.

Josh Pound – 83kg junior, P.E.I., squat 157.5kg, bench 122.5kg, deadlift 192.5kg, total 472.5kg.

Cail Snow – 83kg junior, P.E.I., squat 147.5kg, bench 125kg, deadlift 187.5kg, total 460kg.

Tim Gallant – 83kg junior, P.E.I., squat 155kg, bench 97.5kg, deadlift 192.5kg, total 445kg.

Murray Rusk – 83kg master 3, P.E.I., bench 80kg, deadlift 145kg.

Matt Rice – 105kg junior, P.E.I., squat 250kg, bench 155kg, deadlift 272.5kg, total 677.5kg.

Hal Muholland – 120+kg master four, N.B., squat 142.5kg, bench 130kg, deadlift 227.5kg, total 500kg.

Kolton Doucette – 59kg SO, P.E.I., squat 70kg, bench 65kg, deadlift 100kg, total 235kg.

Tom Nicholls – 120kg master two, P.E.I., squat 260kg, bench 185kg, deadlift 295kg, total 740kg.

Hayden Atkinson – 93kg junior, P.E.I., squat 180kg, bench 107.5kg, deadlift 227.5kg, total 515kg.

Paul Travis – 105kg open, N.S., squat 200kg, bench 147.5kg, deadlift 250kg, total 597.5kg.

Naeen Rohani – 93kg open, N.S., squat 195kg, bench 102.5kg, deadlift 232.5kg, total 530kg.

Tilman Gallant – 93kg master three, P.E.I., squat 135kg, bench 165kg, deadlift 130kg, total 430kg.

John MacDonald – 120kg open, P.E.I., squat 372.5kg, bench 252.5kg, deadlift 325kg, total 950kg.

David MacDonald – 105kg SO, N.S., squat 137.5kg, bench 80kg, deadlift 162.5kg, total 380kg.

Ralph Graham – 105kg SO, N.S., squat 140kg, bench 80kg, deadlift 152.5kg, total 372.5kg.

Matt MacKay – 93kg master one, N.S., squat 207.5kg, bench 140kg, deadlift 262.5kg, total 610kg.

Chris O’Rourke – 120kg open, P.E.I., squat 222.5kg, bench 125kg, deadlift 217.5kg, total 565kg.


Bench only

Brad Kennedy – 105kg master one, P.E.I., 262.5kg.

Paul Travis – 105kg open, N.S., 210kg.