Globetrotters coming to P.E.I.

Stephen Brun
Published on March 15, 2011
The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to Summerside in April.

SUMMERSIDE - Do the Washington Generals have a chance at beating the famed Harlem Globetrotters next month in Summerside?

Probably not.

Of course it's not the final score that keeps fans coming out to see the Globetrotters' legendary basketball squad. It's the schoolyard tricks the team brings to the game.

The Globetrotters will take on the Generals on April 17 at Credit Union Place, in a contest that will feature Harlem's innovation of the four-point shot - two designated four-point shooting spots near midcourt, 12 feet beyond the National Basketball Association's three-point line.

But preparing for the game could potentially create a challenge for Credit Union Place's staff if the Summerside Western Capitals go deep into the playoffs.

"If the Caps reach the seventh game of the finals, that game will be played April 16," explained CUP's event development officer JP DesRosiers. "It'll be more work because we'll have to lay the sub floor over the ice, then put the court down and remove the glass, so our crew would have to work overnight. It would be a challenge, but the guys could do it. As long as (the Caps) win."

DesRosiers estimates it would take a maximum of 13 hours to complete the entire process of transforming the arena from a hockey rink to a basketball court.

The CUP's court is a leftover from the Canada Games two years ago and is used for fitness programming over the summer, so crews have plenty of experience laying it out.

The arena is also renting the floor to Cape Breton's Centre 200 for the Globetrotters' game on April 13.

The "4 times the fun" North American series of games marks the Globetrotters' 85th season of touring.

The team has showcased its talents in 120 countries throughout its history, often breaking down cultural and societal barriers in the process.

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