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LETTER: Who’s responsible for senate situation?


The editorial on the latest Duffy affair misses the point on the statements, which designate “who is ultimately responsible for the situation that our senate is in today.”  

.” I’m not advocating support of any of Mr. Duffy’s actions or any of the many other senators, but one cannot forget that during this period, it was the Opposition that wanted his blood.
Mr. Duffy took most of the public heat during this period, as he was the most visible target. He might have been a Conservative senator at the time, but you can bet many of the other senators from all parties scrambled to ensure that if their expenditures weren’t in order, then they would soon be. You can also be reassured that during the other previous Liberal government’s reign, that they had established their own Liberal playgrounds with their own appointees.
Mr. Harper and the Conservatives initially did want to change the senate in order to have an elected and accountable body, but the Liberal House and Senate majority at the time had no interest in change.
The RCMP have also been unduly restrained in carrying out their duties by constant pressure from social seekers and do-gooders, who have worked tirelessly to limit their abilities to enforce our laws.
I’m sure the Liberals will appear to go down fighting in order to keep any money out of Mr. Duffy’s hands, their recent action in dealing with Omar Khadr’s payout assures us that this fight will be a short-lived one.

Mark Manning,
North Vancouver, BC


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