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LETTER: Unlucky end for trapped dog


The article in the Saturday, August 26, 2017 Guardian about the dog's death on the Scotchfort reserve left me appalled, angry and horrified that someone could and would do this to an animal whether intentional or not.

If it was such a community friend, where were all his friends when he needed them? Did anyone not hear, what must have been the most horrendous cries for help from Lucky or did anyone not care? For him to be locked in a car for at least two days in such heat would have been excruciating. It's no wonder the inside of the car was torn from apparent claw and bite marks.
Thankfully the woman who filed the complaint did care and hopefully the person or persons involved will be prosecuted to the fullest penalty. I guess Lucky was not so lucky at the end of his life.
Please do not leave animals, children or seniors in vehicles in the summer heat.

Nancy MacLean-Eveson,
South Lake

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