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LETTER: Unequal treatment for foreign students


I find it unreasonable to have tuition cost segregated into International and Canadian fees.  

We should be treating others as equals not as outsiders. Yes, it puts our schools on the map and shows our diversity but there is no need to put them out of pocket when they are here working more than two jobs to make ends meet.
For most Holland College programs, tuition ranges from $3,900 to $6,165 plus an additional $3,815 fee for international students. All full-time students registered in a Holland College program are eligible to apply for the many scholarships, bursaries and awards made possible through the generosity of the donors. However, the cost of living is so high it makes it hard for those that come here have a proper education.
At the UPEI School of Business in 2016, a full-time student pays $5,860 where as an International student pays almost $1,000 more per year or 14 per cent. Divide that in half and an international student is paying $3,411 a semester. That is before the cost of living is taken into factor if they are not living on campus.
A friend of mine who is graduating from UPEI this spring and for him to graduate he is required to pay off his tuition fee. Because the tuition is doubled there are more costs for him to pay making it difficult for him to work three different jobs at a time to pay off school and to afford a place to live.

Marianne Anthony,


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