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LETTER: Tie carbon tax to production


The federal government is pushing the idea of a carbon tax, as a way of dealing with global warming.  

I believe that it is important that we deal with global that we are responsible for. Canada is responsible for 1.6 percent of the carbon produced in the world. The countries most responsible for most of the world's carbon – U.S.A., China, India - do not have carbon tax.
A carbon tax is unwanted and unfair. Remember the great lies? It was the war tax in 1918 and it was called temporary tax. We have other lies such as the GST that the Conservatives told us that we wouldn’t feel, because we are already paying it in a hidden tax. Then the Liberals ran the election on the promise that they would drop the GST. On the Island we were told there would be no HST.
I believe that Islanders have had enough of being lied to by politicians and won't take another tax grab. Provinces will be charged with imposing this tax. If the federal government has any conscience, they will drop the idea, but since they are looking for a tax grab I won't hold my breath.
If the province is going to charge this carbon tax, it should depend on how much Islanders produce of the 1.6 percent that Canada produces - at best .000016 percent. I hope there won't be another tax grab, under the guise that all the money collected will help stop global warming.

Bruce MacIsaac,


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