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LETTER: Province stalling on mental health


P.E.I. is having problems dealing with suicides. The problem is the Liberals are intolerant of people with mental illnesses.  

The Liberals had over a decade to replace the Hillsborough Hospital but haven't. The Liberals in 1993 repealed Legislation requiring a P.E.I. Supreme Court justice to act as chairperson for Mental Health Review Board hearings. The Liberals didn't have a coroner review one of the suicides in the Hillsborough Hospital.
The province robbed Peter to pay Paul for mental health nurses in schools. Health P.E.I. hasn't shown the need for the size of its bureaucracy, which could pay for the mental health nurses. The province hasn't explained police taking a person into custody under the Mental Health Act and not advising a person of the right to a lawyer.
The Newfoundland Supreme Court of Appeals ruling on the right to political dissent demonstrated the need to protect people from police and the mental health profession. The Liberals and the Canadian Mental Health Association aren't the ones to be trusted to develop a plan to prevent suicides on P.E.I. - just look at the system that is in place now.

John W. A. Curtis,


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