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LETTER: Printing names shames parents


I am writing this opinion on the publishing of an article in the paper, where the name of a parent was published of a person who pleaded guilty to a crime.  

To use the excuse that because the parent was the deputy chief and the RCMP, who by times are questionable, made sure there was no favoritism, that it was this newspaper's due diligence that this story be published, is a sham and a shame.
So one can expect that all parents, who have children that break the law, they too will have their names published. It is well accepted that when one dies that their name will be published along with the family names, the dog's or cat's name, and so on. I think you get the point.
The idea of shaming parents for the sake of a news story is, in itself, distasteful and poor journalism, to say the least.

Bruce MacIsaac,


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