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LETTER: Politically correct gone over the edge


I was horrified to watch news on television that teachers in Ontario want to get rid of the name of Sir John A Macdonald. Canada just remembered Dieppe.

My uncle Dave was captured at Dieppe and was taken as a prisoner of war.
I faced age discrimination when I applied for regular service. I wanted Air Force.
Given the political correctness in Canada, I'm proud to have not served. People have a right to their opinion but I am offended by Canada's politically correctness. The politically correct are calling for the removal of Amherst, Cornwallis and now Macdonald.
Two generations of my mother's family who were Islanders served Canada through two world wars, I should have been the third generation. Well, the political correct will have to serve Canada if we are attacked by Russia or China. It will be the politically correct who will have to defend Canada or lose the right to complain about being offended. Justin Trudeau became prime minister and now the politically correct want to destroy our country's history.

John W.A. Curtis,


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