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LETTER: Pharmacare plan needed in Canada


We live in one of the best countries in the world. One wonderful fact about Canada is that if you get sick you can go to a hospital and not worry about the cost.

We have a national medical insurance coverage called Medicare for all Canadians and we are all thankful for that coverage. However, what about prescriptions?
When in the hospital, any medications needed are covered, but step outside and things change very quickly. Prescriptions are either paid out of pocket, or through your health care provider. Each province or territory and health care provider varies in what is covered and what is not.
For many Canadians filling a prescription can break the bank. Many cannot afford to fill their prescribed medications or will reduce the prescribed use to make the drug last longer? Prices on many of our prescriptions would shock you; some bankrupt you.
Since the 1960s it has been discussed that Canada should have a national Pharmacare program set in place - a form of coverage to ensure all have access to the medicine they need.
No matter where you live in Canada you should pay the same price for the same medication. Some provinces have begun to head in that direction by collaborative purchasing but all of Canada needs to become a united front.
Please email or phone your local MLA and copy your premier and health minister. Everyone has a voice. Pharmacare by 2020, it is time.

Tammy MacLaren,
New Glasgow, N.S.


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