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LETTER: Government fails families


I hope all Islanders were appalled with the subject of the opinion piece by Susan Hartley concerning the deaths of six island women suffering from postpartum depression.  

Once again we are shown the degree mental health care is lacking on this island.
The "How Many Wade" campaign allowed Islanders to hear 100 stories from Island families, who are living with loved ones suffering from mental illness, and not receiving the care they need.
Sarah Stewart-Clark and the brave families who told their stories are to be commended in bringing this issue to the fore. I wish them well in their efforts to set up a longterm plan for mental health issues on P.E.I. Also thanks to Susan Hartley for her piece.
The nagging question is: Why isn't the government doing this work to improve mental health care instead of these families who, to my thinking, have enough to cope with?

Leah-Jane Hayward,
North Wiltshire

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