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LETTER: Comment strikes an organic nerve


I was really pleased to see the CBC article August 23 about Agriculture Canada using Charlottetown land to triple the amount of certified organic produce grown.  

However, a comment from Aaron Mills, a research scientist with Agriculture Canada, really struck a nerve for me. He was talking about the motivation for choosing to go organic in this area when he said: "We're close to people living in residential neighbourhoods here, we don't want to use any pesticides, or anything like that."
My question to Mr. Mills, who is surely knowledgeable about such things, is: Why is it important to protect residents in the city, but in the rural areas - which is where most pesticides are sprayed - farmers are permitted to spray right up to their property line, whether they are next to a residence, a school, a daycare or a seniors home?
Perhaps Mr. Mills, or someone in his department can answer this query.

Ivy Wigmore,


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