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Letter: Citizen maintains right to disagree


I would like to thank Mr. McKenna for his comments but to use his own words, they are riddled with mistakes. Mr. McKenna has referred to Mr. Khadr as a child soldier. This is false. 

One only has to refer to the testimony of a lawyer named Howard Anglin who spoke before the House of Commons’ International Human Rights Subcommittee on May 27th, 2008. At that time Mr. Anglin testified that Khadr was not a child soldier. International law states that a child soldier is a person under the age of 15 years. Anyone aged 15 years and onward is not a child soldier. At that same committee it was determined that Khadr could still be prosecuted for the crime of treason, as there is no limitation of action for that crime.

Secondly, Mr. McKenna states I made a determination of who should or who shouldn’t have rights. I made no such determination. I wrote that in my opinion, Khadr’s rights and citizenship should have been forfeited when he decided to become an enemy of Canada.

A very learned judge once pointed out to me that an opinion is neither right or wrong, it is simply that - an opinion, a point of view.


Donald Bartlett,

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