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LETTER: Challenging job, but not impossible


Position Re: Editorial - A daunting task ahead - Aug 16. Leadership, running an organization, managing healthcare. These are not impossible tasks.

These are jobs at which many people excel. They are actually professions that require specific skillsets, experience and a set of personal characteristics.
This editorial makes it sound as though this position is an impossible one that would require some magical person who doesn't exist to carry out. Let's be clear - any job in leadership is challenging. There are specialists who have studied healthcare management for years, have written books, have practical experience managing healthcare teams, have incredible and inspiring leadership, have up to date research on best practices.
This is whom we need to recruit. I see this as an exciting time for healthcare in P.E.I. It is an exciting career opportunity for a leader in this field - we just need to find them. What an incredible opportunity to shape healthcare in a province small enough to make significant impacts. This is someone's dream job. This is a turning point in P.E.I. when it comes to healthcare. It's a dream job.
That's how to recruit the best. Show them the incredible opportunity and all the positives. Anyone in the field will already know the challenges. We need to highlight the opportunities and the impact. We need to recruit someone ambitious who will make the bold decisions P.E.I. needs to make. Aim higher P.E.I. We deserve it.

Dr. Sarah Stewart-Clark
Co-founder and Administrator
Island Mothers Helping Mothers


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