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LETTER: Bus, drivers cater to seniors


Re: Letter, ‘Transit should expand.” I had to smile when I saw the paper.  

Yes, transit should have service - at least one run into town and out, during Saturday, for Cornwall, Stratford and the seniors’ bus.
The letter suggested that transit should look into taking seniors where they need to go. There is actually a bus, which has great drivers, that do cater to seniors.
Ivan and Bill know the seniors schedule off by heart.
They drive them right to Sobeys on Allen and the big Superstore, ask when they want to be picked up, then take them right home before going on their route. They will even make sure you get close to connecting busses.
They will even carry your groceries and take you to the hairdresser. We do have passes.
Tourists should have to pay like anyone else. (What about the blind and visually impaired? They shouldn't have to pay?)
When I worked on the third floor of City Hall, I did research on how to keep the busses operating in Charlottetown.

Nancy Riley,


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