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LETTER: Animal abuse on gentle Island


In response to the Guardian articles printed Sept.1 and 2, 2017, I find the number of animal abuse, neglect and abandonment cases on our "gentle island" more than I can tolerate.

The original photo of "Nicholas" was absolutely disgusting and certainly the dog's condition did not "deteriorate quickly" as the couple said in their testimony. No animal could possibly get to such a horrendous condition in a short period of time.
If people cannot afford proper care for their pets, then they should not have pets. I am such a huge supporter of the P.E.I. Humane Society and the phenomenal work they do. In my perfect world, we would not need a Humane Society.
I was extremely pleased to know that the people were charged and never to own a companion animal for 10 years. What about a lifetime ban on ever owning a companion animal?
And I ask, what procedures are in place to monitor these rulings? What and who stops people from adopting pets other than from the Humane Society? Thankfully, Nicholas's abuse was reported and a very happy end to a horrific scenario.
May he be adopted by a wonderful, loving family. If you see an animal being abused, neglected, left in hot cars, etc., please call the Humane Society at 892-1190 or the RCMP.
Remember the quote from Helen Exley, "The average dog has one request - love me."

Nancy MacLean-Eveson,
South Lake


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