LETTER: Headphones post threat to hearing

Published on March 20, 2017

The insensitive use of headphones has become rampant in our community. It is something that is almost becoming irresistible in our community in Charlottetown. The worst thing is that people tend to use earphones anywhere, anytime.

Even in the libraries where students come to read for tests or final exams when concentration is required yet students cannot put aside their earphones. It is not surprising these days if you see all the people in a library with earphones in their ears.

Of course, I respect privacy and peoples’ choice of listening to whatever they want to listen in a respectful manner without distracting the person next to them. However, this seems to have gone quite beyond the limit. These are electronic devices which can harm the user’s delicate hearing. It takes long to recognize but once damaged it is permanent. Some of the widely used devices warn users against damaging their hearing and I quote “Listening at a high volume for a long time may damage your hearing.” This caution is ignored by many.

Most affected by this improper use of headphones are the young generation and students. Due to the excessive use of the headphones, the young generations are at risk of losing their hearing and in large numbers and the students apart from the hearing defects cannot concentrate on their studies as expected.

It is the high time that people should try to do some proper changes to the ways they use headphones.


Mohamed Abdinasir Ali,

UPEI student