LETTER: Bluish lights very dangerous

Published on March 20, 2017

Thank you to Wendy Jones for your opinion letter "Lights so Bright" of Feb. 28. I have been wondering if there are others who have noticed the extremely bright lights on some vehicles at night.

In my opinion they are not only very offensive but also very dangerous.  As a senior, I do find driving at night a bit harder, but I am still working and required by my job to travel at night. 

Senior or not, I do not feel that anyone should be subjected to those high intensity bluish lights where you can not see anything else until the vehicle passes by. I do not have a problem with fog lights being used, as long as they are not HID's, because their light is generally directed lower in front of the vehicle.  Although I do agree they look silly and do not serve any purpose unless it is foggy or snowing. 

I believe these bright bluish lights are an unnecessary risk to other motorists and will cause accidents because of their handicap effect on anyone meeting them. I encourage the Minister of Transportation and police to bring in regulations, or amend the regulations if they already exist, as soon as possible to limit the intensity of all vehicles headlights and as such, make our roads safer for all.


Leigh Farrar,

Appin Road