Parole Board makes mistake

Letters to the Editor (The Guardian)
Published on August 7, 2014

Raymond Alfred Cantelo walks into court Thursday morning for sentencing in the case in which he pleaded guilty to impaired driving causing the death of Stacy Cheverie.

©Guardian photo

Editor: The recent decision of the Parole Board of Canada to grant Raymond Cantelo full parole is both disappointing and unbelievable to me. They state he doesn’t represent an undue risk to society.

In 2011, he was driving while drunk and struck Stacy and Bernard Cheverie on their motorcycle. He stopped and got out of his vehicle to assess the damage. He then got back in his vehicle and drove away, leaving his victims to die in the middle of the road. Tragically, Stacy did die.

When he was arrested, he denied everything. He continued this right up until his court date. Not only did he drink and drive and leave his victim to die, he refused to take responsibility for what he did.

After all this, the Parole Board of Canada has full confidence that this man will never drink again (even though he has admitted being an alcoholic) and will never get behind the wheel again.

Not only has Stacy’s family been robbed of Stacy and all the joy she brought her husband, daughter, mother, sisters, brother, nieces, nephews and countless friends, now they don’t even get the peace of mind that this man will be locked up and will never have the opportunity to hurt anyone again. It’s another tragedy — and this one could be avoided just as her death could have been.

Drinking and driving is wrong, but what transpired after this accident makes this case even more reprehensible. The entire sentence should have been served for this crime. He will have served a year and a half of a five-year sentence for taking a young life, leaving her to die and denying any responsibility for the entire thing for months after the fact. Unbelievable.  

Carol O’Hanley,