Empty beer can threatens a life on P.E.I. road

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Published on August 14, 2014

Editor: My dear friend is lying in the trauma unit at the QE2 hospital in Halifax. A week ago she was bicycling down a hill in P.E.I. and her front tire hit an empty beer can. Her wheel locked and she was thrown at 45-km-an-hour headfirst over the handlebars. She landed on her forehead and was knocked unconscious.  

Now she lies in a hospital bed with a questionable diagnosis because someone decided to throw an empty beer can onto a road.

My friend is an athletic, retired teacher in her 60s. She is a cautious person and always dresses in bright colours and wears a helmet when biking. Right now, her face is black and blue and swollen with a stitched 15-cm gash across her forehead. Her arm is discoloured, swollen and covered in lacerations. There is still blood under her fingernails. She does recognize me but her eyes are confused and her voice is soft. I think I was hit by a truck, she says. Is the driver sorry?

I am sad, shocked and angry.  

Hey, you who threw that beer can, are you sorry?

Her family and friends are devastated and worried. They do not sleep well.

Did you consider these people when you threw that beer can?

Her partner who witnessed the accident will forever suffer from the trauma of seeing his dear one lying unconscious in the road with her blood spilling over to fill up the ditch beside the road.

Would you who flung that beer know that you or those you love might also be threatened by someone who litters?

The sad reality is that people who litter are unlikely to be reading this article. I know there are those of you who are reading it though who are dismayed and appalled.

Would you please take a moment to clip out this article and pass it on to someone whom you think may be likely to litter.

And would you please say a prayer for my friend.

Betsy Morehouse,

Tupper Lake, N.S.