P.E.I. government an arrogant one

Letters to the Editor (The Guardian) comment@theguardian.pe.ca
Published on July 22, 2014

Editor: I believe the real arrogance of this government began on the night of the last election when Robert Ghiz chastised the people of Souris over the airwaves for not re-electing Alan Campbell. He stated Mr. Campbell was a great guy and would have a job in the premier’s office tomorrow.

The present direction of this government concerns me. I’m referring to the probable removal of the moratorium on deep wells asked for by the potato industry.

Six months ago on CBC Compass, Environment Minister Janice Sherry stated she had received reports dealing with the issues concerning deep wells. The interviewer asked would she make them public? The minister said no, they were for her info only. Six months later, still no info. Such arrogance.

This minister needs reminding whom she works for, who pays her salary. The last time I checked it wasn’t the potato industry. Now it appears the lifting of the moratorium is a done deal. George Webster is in the provincial cabinet, which will decide the issue. Strange, isn’t Webster a potato farmer?

Then we have two defeated Liberals working on behalf of the potato industry lobbying to lift the moratorium. It all seems a little bit slanted in favour of a large industrial corporation.

The seriousness of this issue, if it becomes a done deal, is we can’t go back. It’s not like the other issues such as Plan B or the HST. This is about the survival of our Island, of risking the one sustaining and precious resource life depends on.

If government goes ahead with this reckless and irresponsible action it will be too late to reverse the damage. I ask the question, is this really what government wants to do? What about future generations, politicians have children/grandchildren too.  

 It’s difficult to understand why I have to write this letter of protest. The interests of government should follow the same lines as the majority of Islanders. They should share our concerns and act on the promises made during election campaigns.

Remember the last election campaign, they came to our doors smiling and promising to work on our behalf. Well, it is past the time for Robert Ghiz and his government to do the right thing.  The Island can’t risk deep-water wells simply because a few greedy corporations can grow more potatoes.

F. Ben Rodgers,  

Abram Village