Wearing a helmet personal decision

Letters to the Editor (The Guardian) comment@theguardian.pe.ca
Published on July 18, 2014

Editor: In regards to “Provincial fines in regards to not wearing a bike helmet.” This month I was charged by Charlottetown police for not wearing a bike helmet under section 194 (2) (a.1) of P.E.I. Highway Traffic Act.

I have a strong opinion against this. It should not be anyone else’s concern and/or business to my decision of wearing a bike helmet. I understand that some may support setting an example for children and teenagers but it should come down to the individual’s right to or not to wear a helmet. Period.

We, as in reference to individuals who use our bikes, are well aware of the potential risks associated with not wearing a helmet. We are adults, not a two-year-old or a mere child. The law should be applied to persons under the age of 19.

A simple two-hour seminar will not change the perceptions and opinions of us that are against such law/regulation regardless of the graphic videos and pictures shown in a movie at Murphy’s Community Center.

Shawn Stevenson,