Proud Islander seeks new slogan

Letters to the Editor (The Guardian)
Published on June 17, 2014

Prince Edward Island licence plate

Editor: We are all familiar with licence plates slogans like “Virginia is for lovers”, “Beautiful British Columbia” Nova Scotia “Canada’s Ocean Playground”, Manitoba “Friendly Manitoba.”  Do you really believe that someone who sees a car from P.E.I. in Florida, Nova Scotia or anywhere with an Anne of Green Gables licence plate makes them want to visit P.E.I?

Fellow Islanders, we should think about a new slogan and keep it, stop changing it every year. You can go just about anywhere on P.E.I. and point your camera and presto your photo is good enough for a postcard — “Canada’s Postcard Province.”             

Fellow Islanders, every day we pass by our unique red landscaping and take for granted the extraordinary everyday Island beauty. We have a wide range of picturesque views such as lupin flowers blooming in abundance along the roadsides, stunning sunsets, red dirt roads shaded in by hanging branches, 26 scenic golf courses, fishing villages painted in pastel colours and of course we all know that our Island has beautiful unspoiled beaches. But the majority of people who have never visited P.E.I. in the summer have no idea what beautiful beaches we have and even if they have already visited our beaches it is always good to remind them that P.E.I. has the best Beaches in Canada. “Canada’s Best Beaches”

Picture this, one of P.E.I.’s 30,000 plus automobiles is stuck in traffic, let’s say in Alberta, and the person sitting in the car behind it is reading our licence plate “Anne of Green Gables.” They are probably thinking “Anne who?” Fellow Islanders, we have 30,000 automobiles to promote P.E.I. for us. Wow. What great advertising, I suggest we let the people of P.E.I. vote on a slogan and keep it.     

Is Virginia really for lovers? I don't know. But I do know that P.E.I. is “Canada’s Postcard Province” and I don't care to have a picture of a man-made bridge on my licence plate or a little red-headed girl with pig tails on it or the Birthplace of Confederation. Do you really think having Birthplace of Confederation or a red fox on our licence plate is going to entice tourists to come? Not a chance.

Gordie Cameron,