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CHEERS & JEERS: People insist on smoking in public places


JEERS: To people who smoke in public places where crowds gather for special events.  

Every time there is a parade, fireworks or other large public gathering there are people who choose to smoke in or around the crowds. Is the craving for a cigarette so strong that they can’t wait to light up instead of subjecting bystanders to second-hand smoke? These events always attract families, and the young children - along with everyone else who attend - shouldn’t have to breathe in cigarette smoke as a consequence of trying to enjoy a show.

CHEERS: To 20-year-old Jarrod MacAdam who will be heading to the NHL Referee’s Combine from August 17-20 in Buffalo, New York. The NHL is calling it an ‘Exposure Combine’ where upwards of 60 high-level referee and linesmen prospects will attend from around the world. Invites are also going to certain universities and NCAA colleges for those graduating hockey players who want to pursue a career as an NHL on-ice official. Jarrod, a Morell native now living in the Charlottetown area, played much of his minor hockey in Kings County. He is the son of Andrew and Terri MacAdam. Andrew is a physical education teacher at East Wiltshire School and before that taught at Morell Consolidated School.

JEERS: To overly boisterous members of a wedding party at Rodds Crowbush Resort last weekend. After partying until almost dawn Friday night at various locations around Lakeside Beach, a number of wedding guests – many of them Bishop’s University alumni - proceeded to set off fireworks late Saturday night. Startled residents were roused from their sleep by the racket. One long-time resident went on social media to suggest the partygoers were “irresponsible, thoughtless idiots who began setting off loud fireworks on Lakeside Beach at 2:06 a.m. Sunday morning.” Harrumph.

JEERS: To Islanders who insist on using their cellphone while driving a vehicle. Despite increasing fines and police warnings, motorists continue to put themselves and others on the road at risk. Last Thursday in St. Catherines, tragedy was narrowly averted when a 19-year-old driver using her cellphone crashed her vehicle with a woman and an infant inside. The vehicle left the road, hit a mailbox and came to rest in a ditch. Three occupants of the vehicle - two women aged 18 and 19, along with an infant - were checked by Island EMS on scene for minor injuries. The driver was charged under the Highway Traffic Act for using a cellphone while operating the vehicle. Using any hand-held device for any reason while driving is a dangerous and illegal practice.

CHEERS: To Charlottetown Coun. Mitchell Tweel for bringing concerns forward about recent troubling coyote sightings in the East Royalty neighbourhood of the city. Tweel said a coyote was spotted in the Horseshoe Boulevard subdivision area and residents indicated that the wild beast is responsible for killing three cats. Tweel said this is obviously a very dangerous and unsafe situation, because of the heavy concentration of young children in the community. Lucy Maud Montgomery Elementary School is located in the area, and there is also farmers’ livestock in this community as well. “The entire community needs to be notified and be made fully aware of the dire consequences of dangerous coyotes and of the fatalities that they can cause." One resident stated that this particular coyote is larger than a German shepherd.




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