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P.E.I. sex offender Shane Douglas Doucette granted full parole


A Charlottetown man who was sentenced to seven years in prison for sex offences involving an underage girl who was about 15 years younger than him has been granted full parole.

Shane Douglas Doucette was sentenced in 2014 after pleading guilty to sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and failing to appear in court.

In granting Doucette full parole, the parole board said it was satisfied his release plan had the right level of structure and the resources he needed to mitigate his risk to society.

Doucette’s offences started with inappropriate conduct toward the victim when she was eight years old.

The sexual abuse escalated over the years until he was having intercourse with her on a regular basis.

He later made statements to the police that it was a consensual sexual relationship.

Doucette also told police age was just a number, which was a statement the sentencing judge called “completely incomprehensible.”

While Doucette’s case was before the courts he left the province and went to Toronto where he was arrested and brought back to P.E.I.

In its report, the parole board said a psychological evaluation found his risk of relapsing into committing sex offences was high.

Doucette completed several programs while in custody, including some targeting sex offenders.

The board said since Doucette has been on day parole he has followed the rules, regulations and special conditions imposed on him and he has maintained employment.

He has also received counselling, taken responsibility for his actions and shown motivation for change, the board said.

“It is apparent to the board that, since the start of your sentence, you have made positive gains, which are measurable and observable.”

Doucette’s plan for full parole included transitioning to his own apartment.

He also planned to meet regularly with his parole officer and a psychologist.

With his release, Doucette will have to follow eight conditions, including that he not have any contact with the victim or her family.

Doucette is banned from being in the presence of any female younger than 18 unless an adult who knows his criminal history and has approval from his parole supervisor accompanies him.

He is not allowed near places where children younger than 18 are likely to be, such as schools, parks, swimming pools and recreational centres unless accompanied by an adult his parole supervisor approves.

“You groomed and manipulated your young female victim and sexually abused her over many years,” the board said.

The final condition imposed a geographic restriction to keep Doucette away from the area where his victim lives.

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