Trout River Industries gets worldwide exposure with Kathy Ireland

Published on August 12, 2017

This screen shot is from the segment of the “Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland” show that featured West Prince company Trout River Industries. Company president Harvey Stewart and business partner and CEO Darrin Mitchell appeared on the show with Ireland.

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COLEMAN CORNER, P.E.I. - The owners of a West Prince business are optimistic the nearly seven minutes their company spent in front of a worldwide TV audience on Sunday will help them achieve further business growth.

Trout River Industries president Harvey Stewart, along with business partner and CEO, Darrin Mitchell, flew to Hollywood for a studio interview with Kathy Ireland in June. He is pleased with how the “Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland” segment turned out.

“It’s just to be recognized around the world, is what I like.”

The show, which airs on Fox Business News and Bloomberg International, is reported to have a potential viewing audience of 275 million households around the globe.

“It will be interesting to see what comes back over the next couple of months,” Stewart reflected.

Anyone who missed the segment can access it through Trout River’s YouTube channel,

Stewart noted the show is seen in all seven continents while the trailers his company produces have made it to five of them.

“We’ve got two to go,” he said, expressing optimism the exposure Ireland’s show generates will help pave the way.

Besides the live-bottom trailers Trout River has been producing since 1999, it has been producing shuttle-floor trailers for six years, and Ireland helped give that product renewed exposure.

“The shuttle floor is just starting to catch on. It’s starting to find its home in the sludge business and compost and stuff like that, where people don’t want to get in around it and clean it, after-the-fact,” Stewart said.

“It goes along for the ride. The floor moves and it all comes out. It’s just like a big loaf of bread,” he said in providing a simplified description.

Local reaction to the “show has been good, Stewart said.

“A lot of people just can’t believe that they’d do that or how you’d ever get there, to get on that show and getting around the world with a trailer that’s built here in P.E.I., with a piece of gear that’s built here on P.E.I., but it’s only our mind that’s a limit.”

Stewart said he’s noticed an increase in enquiries about the Trout River products in the first week since the segment aired.

“It’s getting around the world.”