Speeding in Stratford worries council

RCMP commits to stepping up patrols

Published on July 17, 2017

FILE PHOTO: RCMP officer Chris Gunn uses a LiDAR speed gun to measure vehicle speed as it goes over Hillsborough Bridge.


The RCMP has committed to increasing patrols in targeted areas of Stratford in an effort to catch speeders.

The Town of Stratford issued a press release on Friday explaining it wanted to take a proactive approach to the issue and has met with residents and police to discuss traffic safety concerns.

Some of the areas of concern identified by residents include the subdivisions of Beacon Hill, Eastern Realties, Marion Drive and Rosebank Road, as well as collector roads such as Mason Road and Kinlock Road.

The council and staff receive multiple complaints each week from residents who have witnessed motor vehicle driving well over posted speed limits.


A summary of fines issued between January and June of each year in Stratford:
2011 – 266

2012 – 180

2013 – 152

2014 – 173

2015 – 213

2016 – 171

2017 – 76


It was agreed that the town and RCMP would collaborate on a solution.

Council is concerned the RCMP in the town isn’t sufficiently addressing the speeding problem in residential areas and that enforcement is decreasing rather than increasing.

Police fines for this year are down significantly compared to previous years. In fact, 64 per cent fewer tickets have been issued year-to-date compared to 2015 and 71 per cent fewer as compared to 2011.

The town is looking to reconcile the decrease in fines with the increase in speeding complaints.

“The town’s ultimate goal is to collaborate with RCMP on an effective and sustainable traffic safety strategy to address Stratford’s speeding issues and to ensure resident safety,’’ said Mayor David Dunphy.

The Town of Stratford has taken a number of steps in the past to slow motorists down, including purchasing and installing speed bumps and a speed radar display in known trouble areas.

The town has also researched the feasibility of portable speed radar display options for these neighbourhoods with the data being shared with the local RCMP detachment.

The town also implemented a public safety campaign that included signage and an education program.