Resolution to 2016 fish kill incidents remains with courts

Published on March 9, 2017

ALBERTON, P.E.I. - Investigations into two reported fish kills in Prince Edward Island in 2016 are still ongoing.

According to the P.E.I. Department of Environment preliminary reports, dead fish were found in the Clyde River on July 25.

By the time the cleanup was completed, 259 brook trout, 18 rainbow trout and 65 sticklebacks were gathered up.

Almost a month later, on Aug. 22, a fish kill was reported in the Little Miminegash River in Roseville. That cleanup yielded 743 brook trout, 181 sticklebacks, three gaspereau, two white perch, two American eels and two cormorants.

Both fish kills followed periods of heavy rainfall.

A spokesperson with Environment and Climate Change Canada, which is leading the investigation, said it would be inappropriate to provide further comment while the matter remains under investigation.

The provincial investigation into the fish kills, however, has led to charges against two farm entities.

Alex Docherty and Skye View Farms were each charged on Dec. 15 with four counts under the Pesticides Control Act. Dale and Ronnie Rennie of Alma were charged Jan. 13 with two charges under the act.
The Alex Docherty and Skye View Farms charges stem from the investigation into the Clyde River fish kill, while the charges against the Rennies from Alma came from the examination of fields in the Brockton area during the investigation into the Little Miminegash River fish kill.

Wade MacKinnon, manager of investigation and enforcement with the Department of Justice, said the charges resulted from anomalies discovered during the fish kill investigations and related to pesticide records and applications.

Docherty and Skye View Farms and Dale and Ronnie Rennie Inc. are due back in court this month on the provincial charges.