IWK launches child car seat safety video for Arabic-speaking families

Published on February 21, 2017

A screengrab from the Child Safety Link YouTube video, which details car seat safety for Arabic-speaking families.


HALIFAX, N.S. – The IWK Health Centre’s child injury prevention program has launched a car seat safety video for Arabic-speaking families.

Child Safety Link says it aims to support diverse families in the Maritimes with the interactive video that demonstrates how to choose and use a car seat according to a child’s age and stage.

The video’s launch was timed to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the arrival of several Syrian families to the Maritimes.

“For many newcomers to Canada, the first time they used a car seat may have been the day they arrived,” said Katherine Hutka, health promotion specialist for Child Saftey Link.

“These families want to know how to use car seats to best protect their children according to the law.  We know that many Syrian families, for example, are now starting to purchase their first vehicles, and so the need for resources in their own language is growing.”

The video is also available in English and French.

Hutka says using a car seat safely is often confusing for parents and caregivers. A recent study showed that 65 per cent of rear-facing and 79 per cent of forward-facing car seats are used incorrectly in Nova Scotia.

“Newcomers to Canada are faced with the additional challenge of navigating instructions in a language that they are still learning,” said Hutka. “Our video supports these parents by visually walking them through the steps of choosing the right seat, setting it up to fit their child, and installing it in their vehicle.” 

The video is designed to be viewed on mobile devices using YouTube.  

Visit www.childsafetylink.ca for more information.