Chief coroner investigating second suicide at Hillsborough Hospital

Jim Day
Published on March 8, 2016

Hillsborough Hospital

This one occurred in 2010, three years earlier than one that was the subject of a recent inquest

Just one week after an inquest into a 2013 suicide at Hillsborough Hospital, P.E.I.'s chief coroner is investigating another suicide that occurred at the psychiatric hospital three years earlier.

Dr. Desmond Colohan, who became chief coroner in 2015, reportedly was unaware of the 2010 suicide until media contacted him earlier this week.

He will now be investigating the suicide.

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"The chief coroner is looking into a suicide that occurred at Hillsborough Hospital in 2010 to determine if any follow up is required,'' said a spokeswoman with the Chief Coroner's Office.

"Follow up in a case such as a suicide in a medical facility could include a coroner's inquest. The intent of an inquest is to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the person's death for the purpose of making recommendations to avoid preventable deaths.''

Under the P.E.I.'s Coroners Act, an inquest must be held when an inmate or involuntary patient at a public facility dies, unless the coroner determines the death was entirely due to natural causes.

Dr. Charles Trainor, chief coroner at the time of the 2010 death, told The Guardian Tuesday he had "no comment'' to make on the incident.

A two-day inquest was held last week into the 2013 suicide at Hillsborough Hospital. The jury made 14 recommendations to reduce the risk of any similar deaths occurring in the future.