Price Watch: Cable watchers have new options on P.E.I.

Published on March 6, 2016

Pick-and-pay cable pricing could be coming to a TV near you.

CRTC now requiring P.E.I. cable providers to offer $25 or less TV package

New CRTC adjustments were put into place beginning March 1, forcing all cable providers to offer a $25 or less TV package.

For those watching with Eastlink, the entry level basic package will run Islanders $25 a month and will include at least 30 channels and HD versions of those channels when available.

If Islanders choose Bell FibreOp, the starter package will cost $24.95 and will give watchers access to five extra channels until the end of May and the option to add extra channels and add-ons starting at $4 a month.

Shaw Direct is offering its limited TV package, which will give Islanders up to 50 channels at a $25 price tag.