Head-butt earns P.E.I. jail time

Steve Sharratt comment@theguardian.pe.ca
Published on March 4, 2016

Kings County Provincial Court, Georgetown.

Jeffery Allan Gosbee must pay dental bill following dispute over snowboard

GEORGETOWN – A man whose head-butting attack on another knocked out three teeth during a confrontation over a snowboard pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm in provincial court.

Jeffery Allan Gosbee was handed 60 days in jail and will have to pay the nearly $1,000 dental bill to the victim as restitution.

Chief judge Nancy Orr said she didn’t agree with Gosbee’s suggestion that he was acting in self-defence during the Nov. 18 incident in Montague.

“If you have something stolen, you call police, you don’t go and start a confrontation that leads to assault," she said.

Court was told Gosbee thought someone was breaking into his second-floor apartment only to discover that it was a man who was taking a snowboard he believed was rightfully his.

Gosbee disagreed and visited another apartment to have words about the snowboard issue.

Court was told the matter somewhat dissolved at that point leading to a shoe being thrown out of the apartment, some words being levelled by the girlfriend of the man who reclaimed the snowboard and a challenge aimed at Gosbee by some other men also in attendance.

Defence lawyer Yolande Murphy said the 23-year-old man was concerned for his safety since he was outnumbered and head-butted one of the men.

“He knows he should have walked away," said Murphy.