Family juggles schedules to get six children to hockey

Published on March 29, 2016

The children in the Yeo family take a break from the action on the ice. From left are Joshua Yeo,10, Brae-Lynn Yeo, 8, Zackery Yeo, 13, Cassidy Yeo, 6, Logan Yeo, 11, and Kryssa-Lee Yeo, 4.


SUMMERSIDE - Talk about your hockey mom or hockey dad. Trevor and Pauline Yeo have six children all playing hockey.

"I have always played hockey, and I loved it," says Trevor.

So perhaps it's no surprise the couple's first two children - Zackery, now aged 13, and Logan, 11 - were both enrolled in hockey programs.

That was then. Now their family has expanded to six children. And all lace up their skates in local minor hockey programs. It places big demands on time, organization and the pocketbook, but this family doesn't seem to mind.

"We had our first two children in hockey, then the third and fourth decided they wanted to play, so we said, 'hey, if all of them are interested we may as well put them all in hockey,'" Trevor says.

The three girls, Kryssa-Lee, age 4, Cassidy, age 6, and Brae-Lynn, age 8, started their hockey careers at the age of three. The three boys, Zackery, Logan and Joshua, age 10, started the a bit later.

"People think we are nuts. There are parents with one child in hockey and they look at us and say, 'I don't know how you do it'," Trevor adds.

And some days, they don't know how they do it. A normal day for the family starts with getting five of the six children off to school. When they get home, the kids will do their homework, then eat and head off to the rink.

"Tonight I think we have two ice times, and they are slowly coming to an end."

Saturdays are usually the busiest for the family because they can have a child on the ice up to five or six times.

"It's hard to be everywhere at once when you can't, so we rely on the grandparents a lot. But in the end it's nice to have them all active, because today's world is based on video games."

He says the biggest cost they have isn't gear or registration, but travel.

"We spend a lot of money on gas, (travelling) from Tignish to Belfast and every point in between.

"The cost of equipment isn't too much. We have a lot of hand me downs so once the tallest one grows out of the gear, it is then handed down the line."

Trevor adds all the time and expense is worth it.

"I have never heard one of my children say they don't like hockey or they don't want to play."