Too-drunk-to-drive motorcyclist gets seven days jail

Ryan Ross
Published on March 25, 2016

Charlottetown police cruiser

©Ryan Ross/The Guardian

Matthew Kristian Scott, 28, shows up in court without first apologizing to arresting officer for his belligerence

A Charlottetown man who was so drunk the officer who arrested him said she didn't know how he was able to ride his motorcycle was sentenced recently to seven days in jail.

Matthew Kristian Scott, 28, appeared in provincial court before Chief Judge Nancy Orr in Charlottetown for sentencing after previously pleading guilty to drunk driving.

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During his last appearance, Orr suggested Scott apologize to the arresting officer for his belligerence and behaviour before returning for sentencing.

On Monday, Scott's lawyer said he hadn't, but he did bring a written apology.

Scott initially pleaded not guilty to drunk driving and during his trial the court heard from several witnesses, including the arresting officer.

When she testified, the officer described Scott's level of intoxication as an eight out of 10.

She also said he was belligerent, unco-operative and called her names on his way back to the police station.

In delivering her sentence, Orr said Scott had the opportunity to apologize first and added the officer was fair to him in her testimony.

Along with the jail time, Orr ordered Scott to pay a $1,200 fine and $360 victim surcharge.

Scott is banned from driving for one year.