Sexual assault trial hears alleged victim

Ryan Ross
Published on March 23, 2016

Sexual assault trial hears alleged victim

A woman who says a man she met through a dating website tried to rape her took the stand Tuesday in provincial court.

The accused, Jeffrey Lea Hogg, appeared before Chief Judge Nancy Orr on the first day of his trial for allegedly sexually assaulting the woman on a converted lobster boat in August 2015.

The alleged victim testified she met Hogg through Plenty of Fish where he didn’t have a picture on his profile and told her his name was Adam.

After several conversations, Hogg offered her a job that paid $22 per hour as a receptionist, the woman said.

She testified it would have provided steady income for her and her children.

The woman testified Hogg invited her to meet him on his boat to talk about the job.

They hadn’t met in person at that point and she didn’t know what he looked like, but the woman told the court Hogg seemed kind and level-headed.

“He wasn’t really, at that point, raising a whole lot of red flags.”

She testified she told Hogg she wasn’t going to do anything sexual.

On the boat, she was uneasy, but thought it was necessary to meet with Hogg if she wanted a chance at the job, she said.

The woman also testified she brought her child with her, which eased her mind a bit.

“I didn’t think anything could happen with a kid around,” she said.

Once Hogg moored the boat to a buoy about 30 minutes away from the New London wharf, he began grabbing her buttocks and pulled one of her breasts out of her shirt, the woman said.

Throughout her testimony, the woman said numerous times she didn’t consent to any of Hogg’s actions and repeatedly told him no.

The woman testified Hogg got her in the boat’s cabin, pushed her up against the bed and forced himself on her.

She said Hogg told her several times he wouldn’t hurt her.

Photos entered into evidence showed a bruise on the woman’s leg that she said was from the alleged incident.

At one point Hogg was naked from the waist down, pressed himself against her and pulled her underwear off, all as she tried to resist, the woman said.

She said her child was sleeping in a stroller at the end of the bed the entire time.

The woman testified she started having a panic attack and eventually Hogg stopped.

She said she stayed in the bed when Hogg was lying next to her because she didn’t have much feeling left in her legs.

“I didn’t have a whole lot of fight left in me at that point,” she said, adding he eventually steered the boat back to the wharf, helped her ashore with her child and saw them off in her car.

The woman said she didn’t learn Hogg’s real name until September after she identified him in a police photo lineup.

The trial resumes March 29 when the defence continues its cross-examination of the alleged victim.

A publication ban prevents the release of any details that could identify the woman.