Sentence adjourned for woman who defrauded social assistance

Ryan Ross
Published on March 22, 2016

Sentence adjourned for woman who defrauded social assistance

A woman who defrauded social assistance of more than $111,000 over an almost nine-year span pleaded guilty Monday in provincial court in Charlottetown.

Ann Lorraine McMurrer, 52, appeared before Chief Judge Nancy Orr where her case was adjourned after her lawyer asked for a pre-sentence report.

The court heard the police started investigating McMurrer after Family and Human Services suspected she was living with her common law spouse.

It would have disqualified her from receiving social assistance, and McMurrer denied it at first before admitting they lived together since 2013.

Her spouse also received a pension income, which McMurrer didn't report.

The investigation also determined McMurrer wasn't reporting income from her employment dating back to 2006.

McMurrer told the police she wouldn't have been able to survive without the social assistance money.

In total, McMurrer defrauded social assistance of $111,769.41.

The court heard McMurrer had no criminal record.

Orr ordered a pre-sentence report and adjourned the case until May 4 for sentencing.