Some partying got a little bit out of control

Charlottetown police respond to numerous calls about drunks

Published on March 19, 2016
Charlottetown police cruiser
Ryan Ross/The Guardian

Some city residents' partying got a little out of control this Saint Patrick's Day.

Police arrested at least five individuals for being intoxicated in public on Thursday night and early Friday morning.

On early Friday morning, police responded to a fight in progress in front of a downtown night club.

Officers found both women involved in the fight to be "highly intoxicated."

Both women were arrested for public intoxication and stayed overnight at the provincial jail.

Officers said they would be released from custody when sober and will be charged under the liquor control act.

Police were also called to a hotel in the downtown area for two separate incidents Friday morning.

One incident saw police receive a report of a man passed out in the lobby.

Officers said the man was lodged at the provincial jail until sober as he had nowhere to go and "could not look after himself in the state."

Police were also called to the hotel for reports of an intoxicated a man yelling.

The man was arrested and will face a charges upon release, said police.

Police also responded to a complaint of an intoxicated man in front of the Queen Street liquor store earlier on Thursday.

Officers arrested a 52-year-old man and issued a summary offence ticket under the liquor control act.