Canadian Heritage announces Canada 150 projects

Published on March 14, 2016

Canadian Heritage Melanie Joly joins members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in Toronto on Monday to announce funding for two signature projects for Canada's 150th anniversary celebrations in 2017.

©Canadian Press photo

An announcement today in Toronto was big on vision but short on details for what’s in store for Canadians during the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017.

Canadian Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly announced two “signature projects” for the anniversary celebrations taking part across Canada next year.

$10 million will go to the Community Foundations of Canada to put into a fund for local activities and initiatives that will help bring Canadians together and encourage actions already put in place by communities across the country for the 150th anniversary of Confederation. There are 191 Community Foundations of Canada across the country, including one in P.E.I.

Joly also announced $7.5 million will go to the Toronto Symphony to create a music program highlighting Canada’s musical talent, as well as orchestras and artists in many Canadian communities.

There is also a $210 million Canada 150 Fund, $16.6 of which is allocated to Atlantic Canada for projects like rehabilitating cultural centres, museums, libraries, cenotaphs and arenas. The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency is delivering the funding to projects in the region.

“Canada’s 150th is a historic moment with the power to strengthen our communities and our connection to one another,” said Ian Bird, president of Community Foundations of Canada. “The collaborative community fund for Canada’s 150th will spark thousands of initiatives and activities that bring out the best that Canada has to offer. The fund will encourage all Canadians to contribute to their communities in a way that fosters a greater sense of belonging, inclusion, and reconciliation, leaving a lasting legacy for our communities and our country.”

The vision for the anniversary year seeks to bring people together and inspire them. It will feature themes focusing on diversity and inclusion, reconciliation from nation to nation with indigenous people, youth and the environment.

“The 150th anniversary of Confederation is an opportunity that communities throughout the country should seize,” said Joly. “I invite all Canadians to dream about what the future holds for them, to contribute to our country’s growth, to bring about significant changes, and to leave a lasting legacy for coming generations.”