More Islanders out of work

Published on March 13, 2016

Kori Abrams, left, speaks with Stephane Blanchard and Jean Phyllippe of RDEE IPE at the 11th annual Tourism Job Fair held Wednesday at the Murchinson Centre in Charlottetown. The fair gave people to opportunity to speak with potential employers.

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Prince Edward Island's jobless rate second highest in country, highest it has been since February 2012

OTTAWA — Prince Edward Island's jobless rate is the second highest in the country, and the highest it has been since February 2012, according to numbers released by Statistics Canada Friday.

The province's unemployment rate was 11 per cent in February, says Statistics Canada's latest labour force survey, compared with 9.5 per cent in January.

Nationally, Canada's unemployment rate also crept up, to 7.3 per cent last month for the first time in three years amid flat overall job growth. Newfoundland and Labrador has the highest jobless rate at 14.1 per cent.

The report says the country lost 2,300 net jobs in February compared to the previous month, though the agency deemed that figure statistically insignificant.

The report found that Saskatchewan and New Brunswick saw two of the largest monthly net declines in jobs, while British Columbia was the only province to register a significant increase in employment.