Ling pleads guilty to assaulting two women after accident

Ryan Ross
Published on March 11, 2016


A woman who hit one person in the head and tried to pull another out of a vehicle window after an accident pleaded guilty to two counts of assault Thursday.

Chelsea Meara Ling, 29, appeared before Judge John Douglas in provincial court in Charlottetown where she entered the guilty pleas related to the Sept. 27, 2015 incident.

Crown attorney Lisa Goulden read from an agreed statement of facts as she told the court what happened after the victim hit Ling's vehicle while trying to pull into traffic.

Ling got out of her vehicle and a witness reported she was screaming and yelling at the 22-year-old victim.

She went to the victim's vehicle and started banging on the driver's-side window.

The victim's passenger called the police to report the accident and the victim got out.

Goulden played a video the victim's passenger took from inside the vehicle, which showed Ling's assault on the woman.

Ling and the victim started to argue and the video showed Ling trying to block the woman to keep her from getting back in her vehicle.

When Ling pushed the victim and blocked her from getting in the driver's seat, the woman opened the back door.

Ling slammed it shut, hitting the woman's arm with the door.

During the altercation, Ling told the victim several times to get on the sidewalk.

Ling then hit the victim with a hand that was holding a cellphone, knocking the woman's sunglasses off her head.

When Ling learned the passenger had been recording the incident she moved to the other side of the vehicle and reached through the window to grab her phone.

The video became shaky and didn't show what happened next, but a woman could be heard crying.

The passenger told police when Ling couldn't get the phone she grabbed her by the hair and a scarf to pull her out the window.

A witness confirmed that.

Ling's children were in her vehicle when the victim's vehicle hit theirs and one of them can be heard on the video.

"Mommy, I just want you to get back in the car," the child said.

Although Ling can be heard on the video saying the victim hit her first, Goulden said none of the witnesses reported her ever hitting Ling and there was no sign of it on the video.

Ling has a prior criminal record for domestic assault from 2011.

Douglas adjourned the case until April 6 in order to get a pre-sentence report.