Reckless Porsche driver parking it in jail

Jim Day
Published on February 9, 2016

Steven Green leaves provincial court after pleading guilty to dangerous driving last year in an incident captured on video of him spinning out of control in his Porsche in the capital city.

©Jim Day/The Guardian

A reckless sports car driver will be parked in jail for 10 days.

Steven Green, 32, will also need to be a passenger for a full year each time he hops into a motor vehicle.

While Provincial Court Judge Jeff Lantz imposed a nine-month driving prohibition, Green actually faces an automatic one-year cancellation of his driver’s licence for a dangerous driving conviction.


Lantz could have ordered Green to put the car keys away for as long as three years.

The judge imposed a $100 victim surcharge on Green.

Green pleaded guilty to dangerous driving last month.

The motorist’s short-lived joy ride was caught on another motorist’s video camera.

The video, which has close to two million views on YouTube, shows Green rocketing off in a Porsche at a traffic light in Charlottetown.

The vehicle quickly spins and careens wildly out of control, hitting the median, crossing over to the merge lane, slowing, then careening off again to cross into the oncoming traffic, losing a wheel in the process.

He did not collide with any other vehicle.

At the scene, Green was issued a ticket and the Porsche was towed. Green was not injured.