School bus joyride on P.E.I. ends in ditch

Published on February 8, 2016

School is being cancelled early in P.E.I.

Bus stolen from Pleasant Grove found in Charlottetown early Saturday

Somebody drove a school bus on a short but unauthorized trip Friday night and Charlottetown Police Services would like help finding out who did it.

The bus had been parked in the yard of the driver in Pleasant Grove. The RCMP got the call that it had been stolen.

It was found by Charlottetown police just after 2:30 a.m. in a ditch along Norwood Road.

Cynthia Fleet, superintendent of education for the English Language School Board got a middle-of-the-night call a short time later.

"The call was for the purpose of advising me and determining to where it should be towed," said Fleet.

She said two investigations are now underway into the incident.

"We are investigating and the police are investigating," said Fleet.

She said she cannot comment on the amount of damage to the bus nor the status of its keys before the theft.

Students on that bus route were taken to school Monday by an alternate bus, said Fleet.

Anyone with information of this incident is asked to contact Charlottetown Police Services at 902-629-4172, or for a possible cash reward, make anonymous contact with Crime Stoppers on the Internet or on Facebook, or with a toll-free call to 1-877-222-8477.