Paul Maines says lawyers working on new statement of claim in e-gaming saga

Ryan Ross
Published on February 4, 2016

A P.E.I. Supreme Court judge ruled a statement of claim in P.E.I.'s infamous e-gaming saga constitutes an abuse of court processes and threw out the claim in a 36-page ruling made public on Thursday.

©Guardian graphic by Paul Pettipas

The man behind a $25-million lawsuit against the P.E.I. government over its failed e-gaming scheme says he plans to file a new statement of claim after a judge threw out the first.

In a Feb. 3 decision, Justice Gordon Campbell struck out the initial statement of claim and ordered the plaintiffs to pay more than $1 million in security for costs if they file again.

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Paul Maines, director of Capital Markets Technologies, Inc., which is one of the plaintiffs, said he does plan on filing a new statement of claim and paying the security.

“Absolutely,” he said.

As for when that will happen, Maines said his lawyers are working on it and the claim should be filed soon.

“It’s just part of the process,” he said.

Jonathan Coady represents the government on the case and said the court confirmed there was no legal merit to the claim.

“The judgment really speaks for itself,” he said.

Coady said the decision made several legal findings, including that there was no reasonable basis for any of the alleged conspiracies.

“This was a sensational claim intended for an audience other than a trial judge and it has now been struck out in its entirety. Quite properly, in my view,” Coady said.