Uncertainty at Charlottetown's Eastlink Centre

Published on February 27, 2016

Talk of new facility has current arena's future up in air

By Chris Gregory

The Guardian

In all the excitement and talks about a new multi-use facility for Charlottetown, Dave McGrath says there might still be a use for the Eastlink Centre, even after a new facility is in play.

As more and more progress is made in the unfolding of a new facility, the city will also have to sit down and discuss what it will want to do with the current space.

“This complex is owned both by the province and the city, so they’d certainly have to lay out what needs to be done,” Eastlink Centre’s general manager said, adding that aside from the sporting events that would naturally move to the new complex, there’s still a need and use for the space.

With the racetrack, casino and events like Old Home Week, a lot needs to be accounted for when the city weighs out its options.

“There will still be a need for . . . those types of things,” he said. “The bigger picture needs to be looked at.”

That said, there’s still a lot of time between now and when those decisions would need to be made. Right now, McGrath said, it’s simply food for thought.

“Who knows? It’s anybody’s guess at this point in time.”

Things do seem to be pointed in the direction of a new multi-purpose facility. In fact, the City of Charlottetown is expected to name a committee to look at its feasibility in March.

“Times are changing, and as anything, whether it’s facilities or technology, it changes quickly,” said McGrath. “This community deserves a facility like that.”