Slow progress on Charlottetown housing development 

Dave Stewart
Published on February 26, 2016

This is an artist concept drawing of the three six-unit buildings Charlottetown developers Cecil MacLauchlan and Thane Hansen want to build next to the Belvedere Golf Course in Charlottetown. City council members voted unanimously recently to authorize the rezoning needed to make the project happen, after the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission told them they had to in a decision rendered in December.


It's about time, says Charlottetown developer Cecil MacLauchlan.

City council voted unanimously recently to grant MacLauchlan's request to amend the zoning at 1 Greensview Dr. that will allow him to construct three six-unit buildings just off Kensington Road, on land currently owned by Belvedere Golf Course.

MacLauchlan has been fighting to get the project off the ground for the past year after council initially rejected the request.

He took the matter to the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission which overturned council's decision in December and allowed the rezoning from open space to medium density residential.

"The rules were followed, and they were told what to do. They had to do it,'' MacLauchlan said of council's vote at a recent regular public monthly meeting. "They wasted a year of (our) time, but that's life in our lane, apparently.''

Council's approval is subject to the signing of a development agreement, meaning MacLauchlan and his partner, Thane Hansen, will have to show the city what exactly they have planned for the site.

MacLauchlan doesn't have an issue with that. He's confident that the project will be a good one.

He said engineers are currently working on a plan to present to council.

"When all that comes into play and everybody takes a liking to what we've drawn up, hopefully we'll get the earth turning. When you have a good project you don't worry about (whether people will want to live there). You just hope it goes forward. Put the right thing in the ground you'll get the right people looking at you and that's what we hope to do.''

The golf course has been hoping to sell the property to the developers for a price believed to be around $300,000.

Darren Holt, operations manager with the golf course, politely declined to comment other than to say he's pleased things are moving forward.

MacLauchlan said they hope to be in the ground sometime this spring.

"Hopefully what we put there will enhance the (golf course).''