A P.E.I. man caught twice driving while disqualified gets 10 months

Published on February 2, 2016


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Scott Simon Clements, 24, has history of ignoring court orders, having been caught six times driving while prohibited

A P.E.I. man who got caught twice in a month driving while he was banned from doing so was sentenced last week to 10 months in jail.

Scott Simon Clements, 24, had a history of ignoring court orders. In total, the police have caught him driving while prohibited six times, including at least three times by the same RCMP officer.

Clements was in P.E.I. Supreme Court in Charlottetown where Justice Ben Taylor sentenced him to jail time and said it's obvious what Clements has been doing isn't working.

"It's just making your life a real burden to yourself," Taylor said.

The court heard an RCMP officer was on patrol in Fort Augustus in May 2015 when he saw Clements driving without a seatbelt on.

When the officer pulled him over, Clements had no driver's licence or insurance and the truck's registration hadn't been transferred to him.

The licence plate that was on the truck had been reported lost by someone else.

Clements recognized the officer who had caught him driving while prohibited about a year earlier.

A month later, the same officer caught Clements again after seeing his truck driving 115 km/h in an 80 km/h zone.

After the officer turned on his car's lights, Clements sped away and pulled into a driveway to try to avoid the police.

Clements failed and the officer caught up to him.

The officer recognized Clements from the previous incidents.

Along with the two driving while prohibited charges, the RCMP officer issued Clements six tickets for Highway Traffic Act violations.

The fines for those totalled $2,968.

He also has a balance of $11,099.52 owing to the province from other fines and restitution orders.

Along with the jail time, Clements will be on probation for one year after his release, and Taylor banned him from driving for three years.

Clements must also pay $400 in victim surcharges.