Parole Board of Canada imposes conditions on Chase James Roper

Ryan Ross
Published on February 21, 2016

Parole Board

Roper, 25, involved in a violent robbery of a drug dealer, is serving a four-year sentence

A P.E.I. man who was involved in a violent robbery of a drug dealer was recently granted full parole.

Chase James Roper, 25, is serving a four-year sentence for several offences, including armed robbery, assault with a weapon and drug trafficking.

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In a recent report, the Parole Board of Canada said it was satisfied releasing Roper wouldn't result in an undue risk to the community and would help with his reintegration as a law-abiding citizen.

Roper has been on day parole since last summer and the board's report said he successfully completed a substance abuse program.

He has been participating in a methadone program and all of his urine samples have been clean, the report said.

In granting full parole, the board imposed several conditions, including that Roper must not consume, buy or possess alcohol.

The board said it was concerned alcohol could impair Roper's judgment and lead to him using illegal drugs.

Roper is not allowed to enter any businesses where the primary source of income comes from selling or consuming alcohol.

"This is because it is well known that in such places various forms of intoxicants are readily available and drug trafficking is known to occur," the board said.

While on parole, Roper must also report financial information, including his income, in order to show it comes from legitimate sources.