Day parole granted to convicted P.E.I. sex offender

Ryan Ross
Published on February 20, 2016

Parole Board

Arthur Francis McGuigan to live in halfway house under strict conditions

A former high school youth worker who went to prison after committing several sex offences has been granted day parole.

Arthur Francis McGuigan was sentenced in October 2014 to five years, four months and four days in prison on charges that included two counts of sexual exploitation, luring and drug possession for the purpose of trafficking.

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A recent Parole Board of Canada decision granted McGuigan day parole for six months, during which time he will live in a halfway house.

In its report, the board said it was satisfied McGuigan's release plan contains the right level of structure and resources needed to mitigate his risk of reoffending.

McGuigan was a youth worker at Bluefield High School until his arrest.

He knew his victims through his job and provided them with drugs.

As part of his release, the board imposed several conditions on McGuigan, including that he not have any contact with girls younger than 18 unless he is with an adult who knows his history and has approval from his parole supervisor.

"You have committed sexual offences involving vulnerable female victims, which has resulted in serious harm," the board wrote.

McGuigan told the board he was a victim of sexual abuse and developed an alcohol addiction in his early teens.

Although he said he stopped drinking and taking drugs in 1991, McGuigan told the board he started doing drugs again in 2008 after losing money in the stock market and the death of a family member.

McGuigan also said he became addicted to pornography and admitted to having an attraction to young girls.

He admitted to grooming his victims and said because he was lonely he felt validated by the attention they gave him.

Among the conditions the board imposed was that McGuigan undergo treatment for what the board referred to as deviant sexual interests after he admitted his attraction to young girls and watching "barely legal" pornography.

McGuigan is also banned from owning a computer or phone that can be used to access the Internet.